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Building Bespoke Brands, Brick By Brick

Branding, it’s what I do. Hi there, and welcome to Woodse! I’m Elissa Woods, an award-winning Brand Designer and Strategist. I build bespoke brands brick by brick that stack up and set you apart from your competition. Are you a micro startup, tech, or non-profit? Then you've come to the right place! 

I help you by creating the building blocks your biz needs to succeed and scale to new heights. Wanna learn more? Please explore! Let’s build something together. 😉

Woodse Creative Co. Graphic Designer and Founder Elissa Woods as a Lego minifigure
Finding Why Perspective Mockup 1A.webp

Need Brand Strategy?

If your brand was a person how would they walk? Talk? Act? What would they wear? Think of Brand Strategy as the foundational blueprint for your brand. This entails the verbal messaging and positioning components of your brand to identify and establish your brand's mission, vision, values, brand archetype, voice, and tone. Through research and analysis, I’ll work with you to establish the character and essence of your brand through proven strategies that eliminate the guesswork and drive audiences to you.

What About Visual Identity?

A brand is more than just a logo. It’s about making your biz memorable, consistent, and stand out from the rest! When a person wears a band shirt you might perceive them differently than when they wear a suit. The same idea applies to the Visual Identity system. This visual system comprises all of the visual design elements of the brand such as logo variations, colors, fonts, brand imagery, patterns, textures, and more. When paired with Brand Strategy you'll have all of the foundational elements you need to inform, attract, and engage your audiences.
FYR Brand Guide.webp
Do Your Bit Portofilo Showoff-03.png

Or Brand Support?

Need more support beyond establishing the verbal and visual character of your brand? By this point in the process, we've gotten your brand walking, talking, and well-dressed. So now it's time to roll out your brand in style! From corporate pitch decks to business cards, social media graphics to web design, and beyond I work with you to design and craft the brand collateral you need to ensure a smooth brand launch across touchpoints.


From full corporate rebrands to brand support here are a few happy Woodse clients across the startup, tech, and non-profit spaces.

Boys & Girls Club Missoula.png
FYR Diagnostics.png
Habitat for Humanity of Missoula.png
Inimmne Corp.png
Kieffer Tax Service.png
Oregon Marine Reserves.png
REEF Environmental Education Organization.png
Wine Time Games.png


Briefbox Logo_Stacked.png
Medium logo.png
World Brand Design Society_All White.png


ODA Awards Q223(1)-03.png
IVIA Q323_09112023-02.png
Indigo Awards Badges_04162024_FYR Dx-01.png
Indigo Awards Badges_04162024_FYR Dx-02.png
Indigo Awards Badges_04162024_FYR Dx-03.png
Indigo Awards Badges_04162024_FYR Dx-04.png
Indigo Awards Badges_04162024_FYR Dx-05.png
Indigo Awards Badges_04162024_FYR Dx-06.png
Indigo Awards Badges_04162024_FYR Dx-07.png


"If you ever have the opportunity to have Elissa work on your brand, please do yourself a favor and take it. Between her industry insights and her innate ability to see the vision I wanted, she completely brought my brand to life well beyond my imagination. Her incredible work has inspired me to work harder on my business to match the dedication and creativity she put into it. Plus, she was a complete delight to work with; a unique brand of funny, thoughtful, and focused that made the entire process fun and productive. I cannot recommend her enough."
Bailey Wike, Founder of Wine Time Games



Wanna build together? Well I wanna to learn all about your business and your goals! Hit a button below, and let's get started. I can't wait to meet you!

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