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Out In Tech




Nonprofit: Social Justice & Equity


Uniting, supporting, & empowering LGBTQIA+ tech

Providing LGBTQIA+ support & advocacy

Creating more inclusive corporate cultures


Visual Identity Design

Brand Collateral Design: Print & Digital

Project Summary

Inclusion is in! A fictional visual rebrand for a very real global nonprofit, Out In Tech (OIT). OIT unites the LGBTQIA+ tech community by creating career growth and advancement opportunities for historically underestimated and underrepresented groups. With more than 30 local chapters and more than 50k global members, they leverage tech for social change, to foster community, and to ignite opportunities for all.

I challenged myself to create a refreshed visual identity as vibrant and bold as the OIT community itself. One that would strike the balance between modern and corporate as well as inclusive and joyful. Why? As the OIT organization has grown and evolved, so too has its opportunities for positive impact across the tech sector. According to OIT,
companies with more diverse teams have 22% less turnover as compared to other less inclusive organizations. A study by Josh Bersin and Deloitte has found that inclusive companies are almost twice as likely to be considered innovation leaders in their market. More inclusive companies have also been deemed by BetterUp to have better reputations, more global perspectives and cultural competence, enhanced decision-making, and ultimately increased profits. In a nutshell, by bringing people together, the opportunities for positive impact on a global scale are endless. We are all stronger together, and the OIT community is a testament to this. 😉



A modern take on the traditional pride flag, this approach epitomizes the message of "letting your flag fly high" by not hiding who you are. The inclusion of the heart not only represents love and acceptance in its many forms but also softens the otherwise bold and striking mark. The icon is also a nod to the American flag where OIT got its start. The overall combination of symbols and layered meaning further enriches the icon to epitomize the celebration of life, love, and inclusion found within the OIT and broader LGBTQIA+ communities.


Used as an alternative icon for super small-scale (favicon) or for special instances (special events), this heart is pulled right from the corner of the flag. It epitomizes the message of "wearing your heart on your sleeve", and embracing who you are. The inclusion of the flowing flag "fabric" represents the ups and downs of the journey to finding, accepting, and loving oneself and others both similar and dissimilar to us. This also further incorporates the dynamic lines of the flag mark and further ties it in with the overarching brand.


The imagery serves to further strike the balance of being queer and working in corporate as well as celebrating the life, love, and culture found within the LGBTQIA+ community. It serves as a direct reminder that you can be out and professional, out and powerful, and out in tech. The depictions of queerness are purposefully as unique as the individuals themselves while still depicting each individual in a professional environment and/or professional attire.