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Thrive Therapy




Social Work: Therapy & Counseling for Teens


Improving Counselling Options for Teens, & Community Focused


Brand Essentials

Brand Collateral Design (Print, Digital, & Apparel)

Website Design

Project Summary

This fictional brand was inspired by an Instagram challenge. The challenge was to create a friendly, minimal, and inviting brand, tagline, and a variety of collateral that could appeal to teens for an after-school counseling program. Inspired by the hypothetical good of this program I pushed myself challenge even further by seeing what I could accomplish in just one day! On Labor Day 2022, I labored to create brand essentials, a website homepage mockup, and more. I had a lot of fun creating this warm and friendly brand!



The National Alliance on Mental Illness believes that public policies and practices should promote greater awareness and early identification of mental health conditions. It is estimated that 1 in 6 youth have a mental health condition, such as anxiety or depression, but only half receive any mental health services. Many mental health conditions first appear in youth and young adults, with 50% of all conditions beginning by age 14 and 75% by age 24. Early treatment has been proven effective in helping young people stay in school and on track to achieving their life goals. School-based and school-linked mental health services can help reduce barriers to youth and families getting needed treatment and supports, especially for communities of color and other underserved communities. When we invest in children’s mental health to make sure they can get the right care at the right time, we improve the lives of children, youth and families — and our communities.


Tagline: 🌞 You glow girl! Thrive and shine at Thrive Therapy, a collective of counselors for teens. 🌞

CTA: Even on a cloudy day, you are positively radiant! Not sure how to see the Sunnyside? Want to learn how to thrive? Join us and learn effective coping techniques to combat cloudy days and shine even brighter. Just who are we anyway? Thrive Therapy is a collective of counselors and like-minded girls that get together weekly to talk about life’s greatest storms to guide, and provide the tools and support you need to radiate, thrive, and shine!


Want to learn more about mental health resources or how you might help others? Check out the National Alliance on Mental Health, Stigma Free Society, or Resources to Recover today. I truly believe that together we can all do our part and make a difference!

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