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More Than Just A Logo: Why You Should Invest In Your Brand

Woodse Creative Co. builds bespoke brands brick by brick -- image features a brand identity customer as a Lego minifigure calling Graphic Designer Elissa Woods for bespoke brand identity services. He holds a pineapple in one hand and a black phone in the other while smiling and wearing a Hawaiian shirt.

“If they never say anything about you, you haven’t arrived.” – Errol Gerson

If brands are like people (and they are), they each have a purpose, a persona, and a voice. When a person wears a band shirt you might think differently about them compared to when they wear a suit. This is especially true depending on the context of the situation, event, and or the locale in which they are wearing one or the other. However, what a person wears doesn't define how they speak, how they carry themselves, and how they adapt across circumstances. The same idea applies here. A brand identity system is a defined way in which your brand is presented and perceived. This includes the visual aspects of the brand identity system, (e.g., logo, colors, fonts, brand imagery, patterns, textures, and more) as well as the verbal, (e.g., mission, vision, values, brand voice and tone, etc.). A logo on it's own can't encapsulate all of the aforementioned. It's merely a visual mark showcasing the character and essence of the brand. It's an icon, a symbol, and something to remember you by, yes. However, that's just the tip of the branding iceberg!

So What Is A Logo Really?

A logo is not a complete design ecosystem of your brand. A logo is an identifier—a visual mark that helps audiences distinguish you from your competitor's brands that strive for our attention every day. As our experiences with brands take shape over time, how they are perceived is imprinted into the logo (for better or worse). Think of it this way, when we see the Nike swoosh we know it's Nike, we know what they stand for, what they sell, and what to expect when we buy from them. The same applies to Apple's iconic logo mark or McDonald's golden arches. That is completely normal. Over time, as we live with these brands, the logo becomes symbolic of a deeper story with a meaning that is unique to each of us.

Cool, So What Is A Brand Then?

It's everything else! It's how all of the visual and verbal aspects of the brand identity system work together to create the perception you want your customers, competitors, and audiences to have of you. It's the experience. It's the impact it has on others. It's the vibe if you will. Your brand is a consistent tone or visual voice that represents your business's competitive advantage and position within your target market.

Great, So Why Does This Matter?

When you go to a theme park, do you remember the logo or the memories you made there? In the same way that an orchestra needs a full collection of instruments working in harmony, a brand needs multiple thoughtful touchpoints to provide a complete experience for its customers and audiences. Each one is another layer that helps the larger narrative take shape. When the brand identity system is strategic and thoughtful it works across all of your brand's touchpoints. Whether it's your website, social media, business cards, or even the quality of customer service you provide, all of these things make up your brand. When all of these things are cohesive, consistent, and working together, a brand shines. Just like with music, your customers may not remember every word or note in a song, but they will remember how it makes them feel.

Ready To Rebrand?

Well now, what’re you waiting for? C’mon you know you wanna contact me! Head on over to my contact page and let’s chat about your goals.


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