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Branding In A Day: Effective Or Just Trendy?

*Please note: No clients were harmed in the making of this post. 😜

As you’re shopping around for branding services it’s important to remember: this is not BK, you cannot have it all your way. Now for clarity, fast and cheap, not unlike fast food may be satisfying in the moment and fill an immediate need, but after a while you’re not going to feel very good. Ultimately, you will realize that going to a restaurant and ordering a healthy meal that takes time, thought, and quality ingredients to prepare is the more nourishing, sustainable, and the better long term option.

VIP Design Days, Trendy or Effective?

The concept gaining popularity within the creative community across social platforms simply encourages clients to approach designers with the expectation of crafting their brand and a handful of collateral (e.g., social media templates, style guide, website) in a single day. While this fills an immediate need for the client, this puts immense pressure on the designer to turn a lot of work very quickly with no time or room for client discovery, design strategy, or deep thought. This makes them churn out branding solutions that look like replicas of so many others, beige neutral colors, a retro serif font (most of which are hard to read), and a handful of quickly designed assets for the client to use.

Following The Masses

Designers in droves are doing this. That’s not to say they’re not doing their best within the allotted time frame. Nor is it to say they’re not applying a complete lack of thought into what they’re doing. However, experienced designers know that design takes time, strategy and critical thinking. So if you want to diversify? Good design takes time. Emmy award–winning designer, director, CEO, Chief Strategist, and Founder Chris Do has this to say to designers:

“Design is not fast food. Creativity isn’t something that can just be dropped in a deep fryer and be ready in five minutes.”

Your thinking and your creative process require time:

  1. To examine the design brief

  2. Consume and process new information

  3. And find connections between seemingly disconnected ideas

“When a client approaches you with an impossible deadline, remind them that good design takes time.” – Chris Do, Pocket Full Of Do

Still Need It now?

If you’re a prospective client and you still need fast and cheap? offers a wealth of fast and cheap ideas. They aren’t strategic, they won’t differentiate you from your competitors, and they may include options sold again and again to other companies, but options are optional.

Need bespoke and strategic branding? You know where to find me! 😉


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