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Service as a Software: SaaS


Enhanced Operations Solutions for Food Pantries &

Similar Frontline Organizations


Visual Identity Design

Brand Collateral Design: Print & Digital

Project Summary

Putting the fresh in brand refresh. 😉 This fictional visual rebrand is for a very real Montana-based SaaS company, PantrySoft. PantrySoft offers highly configurable inventory logistics and operation management solutions software to more than 700+ food pantries, food banks, and other frontline organizations worldwide. They have partnered with numerous non-profit and for-profit entities ranging from local church pantries to Universities to help them manage all aspects of their operations from inventory logistics to client intake and reporting.

I challenged myself to design a vibrant and fresh visual identity for PantrySoft. One that would not only further differentiate them from their competitors, but also position them to attract and engage larger enterprise-level organizations. Why? While PantrySoft is a for-profit company, its leading-edge SaaS solution empowers crucial nonprofit operations across the globe. They empower small food pantries, diaper programs,
Meals on Wheels, Swipe Out Hunger, and many more crucial organizations. Their product enables operations previously lacking in formal systems to be able to leverage a HUGE step forward in day-to-day operations. Every step forward in a frontline organization's processes means more efficient and more robust services for both their clients and the communities in which they serve.