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Kieffer Tax




Finance: Tax Prep & Financial Planning


Empowering Small Biz Owners


Mini Visual Brand Identity Design

Brand Collateral Design: Print & Digital

Project Summary

Nancy Kieffer, is an Enrolled Agent with decades of tax and financial planning expertise. She left the corporate tax world behind earlier in 2023 and founded Kieffer Tax with a people-first approach. Nancy believes in empowering business owners through tax preparation, auditing, and financial planning. She approached me with a need for a mini-brand identity system and a suite of collateral to help kick off the launch of her new Missoula-based tax firm.

I challenged myself to create a luxurious, prestigious, yet friendly brand that would differentiate her from her competitors. This approach infuses the wisdom, compassion, and imagination Nancy brings to her work as well as an air of modern timelessness her competitors won't soon forget!



Nancy initally approached me with a desire for an for an Endless Knot logo icon. She was inspired by the symbols representation of interconnection and the intertwining of wisdom and compassion. However, the question arose of how do we differentiate and diversify from a mark so iconic it's used by countless businesses across industries? A mark so symbolic and enriched with meaning that people even get it tattooed! By leveraging & infusing modern and personal design elements I worked to inspire the new.

This “Clover” Knot represents the heart, partnership, and fortune Nancy brings to her clients through all that she does. Each of the four Clover petals are comprises of a heartshaped handshake. Traditionally, the four petals of a Cloverleaf symbolize luck, wealth, love, & health. This people-centric approach also symbolizes the balance between giving & taking. This mark marries the luck & fortune of the Cloverleaf Knot with the endless wisdom, compassion, and balance of the Endless Knot.

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