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Award-Winning & Impactful Web

When strategy, content, and design go hand in hand it leads to award-winning web. Boom! Together, we will build the framework necessary to attract, inform, and engage audiences. Since effective websites require the utmost planning, thought, and care I require my clients interested in getting a website from me to go through my full branding process. Without a brand strategy and a full visual identity system in place, your website won't resonate. My whole goal is to ensure that I'm providing you with the building blocks you need to succeed, website included.
FYR Website Pages.webp

Phase 1: Ideation, Research, & Gathering

Before I design a website, there’s an ideation and research phase that has to happen before work can begin. Based on my initial discussions with you, this further enables me to identify the problems with your current website design and find solutions to those problems by first:

  • Identifying problematic areas

  • Researching competitors' websites and see what solutions they’ve applied

  • Discussing potential solutions to apply to your project

  • Gathering all necessary written content, videos, images, investor or affiliate logos, and the like (this most likely will require your help to achieve)

Phase 2: Sitemap, Content, & Wireframing

Before jumping into design there's still more groundwork to be done. This is arguably the most complex and crucial stage of the process and requires an in-depth and systematic approach to effectively execute. At each step of this process, we will collaborate via Zoom to review, refine, confirm, and approve. Here's the gist of what we will accomplish:

  • Sitemap: I will draft a high-level blueprint of the site’s main web pages, and navigation

  • Content: In a shared Google Doc I will refine and/or build out the website's written content

  • Wireframing: In Figma, I will map out the site’s visual elements, including page layouts and sections, as well as elements like headers and footers.

Approved Style Scape Mockup_v2-01.webp
Approved Style Scape Mockup-01.webp

Phase 3: Web Design Iterations & Refinement

Here’s where I'll use my award-winning expertise to apply your branding to the website’s wireframes using your brand's elements (e.g., logos, colors, typography (fonts, sizing, line spacing, padding, etc.), spacing, imagery, and other visual elements). I also design and build out any additional photos or other digital assets (within scope) that will live on your site during this phase.

Phase 4: Brand Identity Completion

Once your brand is fully approved I will draft your brand guide and export all of your final design and logo files in the industry's best formats for both print and web. Then once I have all of your files prepared I will send them to you by email with a Dropbox link to your meticulously organized brand folder system. This will enable you to launch and maintain your new cohesive brand with ease. As a note, if you're launching a website as well your brand will roll out when your website launches. This will provide you with the smoothest transition from old to new for your audiences.

FYR Brand Guide.webp


I offer brand support services to suit your needs and help you check off those to-dos so you can get quality design to-done.


"If you ever have the opportunity to have Elissa work on your brand, please do yourself a favor and take it. Between her industry insights and her innate ability to see the vision I wanted, she completely brought my brand to life well beyond my imagination. Her incredible work has inspired me to work harder on my business to match the dedication and creativity she put into it. Plus, she was a complete delight to work with; a unique brand of funny, thoughtful, and focused that made the entire process fun and productive. I cannot recommend her enough."
Bailey Wike, Founder of Wine Time Games


Wanna build together? Well I wanna to learn all about your business and your goals! Hit a button below, and let's get started. I can't wait to meet you!

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