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Wine Time Games




Gaming & Media: Gamer Lifestyle, Community, & Video

Game Review Blog


Crafting Community, Curating Safe & Inclusive Spaces, & Delivering Unbiased Reviews


Mini Visual Brand Identity Design

Brand Collateral Design: Print & Digital

Project Summary

Bailey Wike, an esteemed copywriter, and self-identified lifelong "casual gamer" approached me to help shake up today's gamer culture. Currently, the gaming industry is no stranger to seemingly black-and-white extremes and biases. From gamer culture to video game reviews and news there's no end to the "get good" mentality. Bailey is carving out a neutral space for fellow casual gamers by saying, "mid is ok". She's providing unbiased gaming blogs, reviews, and news for the after-hour gamer.

By differentiating Wine Time Games (WTG) from competitors with class, I set out to create a welcoming, fun-loving, and luxurious brand that would entice her audience to join the book club-style community. What follows encapsulates the vibrant warmth of the Everyman archetype with the enchanting mystery of the magician for a timeless brand the gaming industry won’t soon forget.



The logo icon features a playful approach to the phrase glass half full/glass half empty. This logo icon symbolizes the often black-and-white extremes in perspective for the gaming industry and WTG's ability to "contain" and deliver a balanced, neutral, and transparent perspective. The stemless wine glass logo icon features diamond symbols representative of pixels and abstract wine droplets. This provides a unique and playful twist to an hourglass without being too on the nose. The mixed contrast diamond in the center further strengthens the representation of WTG’s unbiased and neutral approach to all things gaming.

The gender-neutral color palette enhances the inclusive and inviting values of the brand while pops of gold provide a luxurious feel on a "millennial budget". Modern typography with just a hint of nostalgia further instills the elevated, but friendly approach to the brand. All the while geek chic Art Nouveau patterns strengthen both the fun yet refined aspects of the the brand.

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